KPP4U version 2.0

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New Features

  • Able to Marking the question during test.
  • New study material.
  • Voucher from merchant (coming soon)
  • Student payment and booking record.
  • Check test result and license expired information.

How to mark the question?

  • Just click the small flag at right top corner to mark the question.
  • When the flag change to PINK color, meaning you have mark the question which you want to review back afterwards.

How to review the Marking question?

  • Click the magnifier at the right TOP corner.
  • A list will appear.
  • those question display with yellow color is the marked question.

How to choose the language for exam?

  • After select MULA UJIAN, a pop up screen will appear.
  • Select the language at the TOP RIGHT corner of the POP UP screen.
  • You can choose Bahasa Melayu or English.


  • Select the RPK from the main page.
  • Press the blue color button and the system will play the sound in Bahasa Melayu.
  • Learn how to speak during the RPK Test.

Bahan Bantuan (eBOOK)

  • We have include all the eBook for B/B2 and D/DA.
  • We also include the summary document to help to have a better understanding about the driving license test.

Payment & Booking

  • Search your payment record (Receipt)
  • Search your booking record with Driving Institute.

Test Result & License Expired Information

  • Just fill up the correct category to search for the related information.


  • To help you have a better understanding about the driving license practical test.
  • Just watch the video.
  • The best video in Malaysia.
  • Recommend by JPJ.